Canadian Cancer Treatment Centers

Cancer Treatment is not one disease, but a general term that represents many diseases, each one with its own distinct characteristics and outcomes. Canada has some of the best cancer survival rates in the world, and doctors are pointing to our much-maligned public health-care system as the reason.

Cancer Treatment can be a difficult disease to treat and therefore it is important for patients to be treated at a good medical centre or hospital that offers treatments that involve best surgeons and facilites. Explore the following top visited cancer treatment centres and hospitals in canada.                                   Drs Garcia-Manero and Verstovsek in the Leukemia clinic

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Princess Margaret Cancer Treatment Centre is the largest cancer research and clinical program in Canada. We treat over 19,000 new patients a year and over 1,000 patients visit the hospital daily. More than 2,900 employees are involved in our patient care and research programs.

Pancreatic Cancer Centre

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment can be a difficult disease to treat and therefore it is important for patients to be treated at a medical centre that offers treatments that involve surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical gastroenterologists and dieticians.Presently, surgery offers the best chance for a cure and long term management of pancreatic cancer therapy. However not every patient is eligible for surgical treatment. Factors such as the stage of the disease, personal health, and the ability to tolerate a major operation – including prolonged anesthesia all must be considered before a patient can undergo surgery.

Sarcoma Cancer Centre

Canada’s national organization dedicated to providing patient support and education while working with Canada’s leading research institutions to eradicate the disease.Sarcoma cancer Treatment attacks the connective tissue within the body, causing tumours within muscle, bones, nerves, fat and blood vessels. It occurs in both children and adults.People around the world know the story of Canadian icon Terry Fox, who ran across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Fewer know, however, that the disease which claimed Fox’s leg and later, after his heroic efforts, his life was osteosarcoma, a form of sarcoma cancer of the bones.

Southeastern Ontario Centre

The Cancer Treatment Centre of Southeastern Ontario has been providing medical treatment and supportive care to cancer patients and their families in Southeastern Ontario for over 50 years. The treatments given at the Cancer Centre are chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Supportive care services provided include social work, dietitian, and CCAC.


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