Dental Care Hospital in Cyprus

There are a number of private clinics and hospitals in North Cyprus as well as state run surgeries and emergency medical facilities; there are also care homes and a wide choice or well equipped dentist surgeries and opticians. Furthermore the cost of receiving medical treatment in Northern Cyprus is far from exorbitant.

The treatment people have received in North Cyprus for every complaint from a seriously fractured elbow to cancer, car crash injuries to emergency dental treatment has been as good as ‘back home’, in some cases better, always far cheaper than expected and of a very high standard with excellent equipment used and qualified staff always available.                                            Dental Care

Nicosia hospitals

Amazing weather, beaches, historic sites and other tourist amenities make Nicosia an ideal location to have medical procedures performed. Several Nicosia hospitals and clinics are highly regarded, helping to propel this island into the growing pantheon of medical tourism destinations.There are more than 15 established hospitals and private clinics in Nicosia that handle dental  clinic and eye care, cosmetic surgery and medical surgery. Local doctors and nurses speak good English and have been trained at an international level of expertise. In general, the quality of health care and the facilities here are very good.

Kyrenia Dental Clinic

Established in 2008, Kyrenia Dental Clinic in Cyprus has been providing patients with some of the best dental care on the island. With more than a decade of experience practicing cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, Dt. Sevgili has developed a unique approach to patient care.Kyrenia Dental Clinic operates by the philosophy that the quality of dental care is directly related to the most up-to-date medical innovations and technology. For this reason, Dt. Sevgili is committed to offering state-of-the-art dentistry to deliver optimum results for patients.

Private hospitals

Both state-funded and private hospitals are located in all of Cyprus’s major cities, while smaller towns and villages tend to have clinics or private practitioners. At the same time, healthcare facilities in the south of Cyprus are generally considered to be better than those in the Turkish-occupied north of the island.

Aretaeio Hospital

The Aretaeio hospital is located on Andreas Avraamides Street in Dasoupoli, Nicosia, and is within easy access of all areas in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca. A private hospital, opened in 2006 by 42 shareholder doctors as the only hospital in Cyprus built and equipped according to European Union standards, we aim to provide our patients from Cyprus and abroad complete medical care in the way of diagnostic, therapeutic, medical and surgical services in our modern facilities.

Iasis Hospital

Iasis Hospital is the brainchild of like-minded group of Doctors, Engineers and Entrepreneurs, experts in their own field who ventured out to offer world class healthcare infrastructure in North Mumbai. IASIS Hospital is a private, tertiary care and the first hospital with a boutique concept in Northern Mumbai. Being the first purpose built hospital in the Vasai-Virar region, IASIS Hospital is sha.


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