Best Plastic Surgery Center in South Korea

South Korea has an impressive medical system and boasts one of the world’s leading treatments not only for liposuction, breast contouring, two jaw,nose and eye-Plastic surgery all related to the cosmetic plastic surgery field, but it’s also leading in treatment rates for stomach-, liver- and cervical cancer.

The Best Plastic Surgery South Korea is also one of the world’s most technologically and scientifically advanced countries; it’s the only one in the world with nationwide 100 Mbit/s broadband Internet access and full HDTV broadcasting. Ninety percent of all Korean homes are connected to high-speed broadband Internet. A bullet train network zips travelers around the country at speeds exceeding 220 kilometers (130 miles) an hour. Hyundai, Samsung, LG and Kia are located here, a reminder of Korea’s formidable ability to compete in major industry sectors most healthcare.                                   Plastic Surgery

Seoul National University Hospital

Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) has been the pioneer of western medicine in South Korea, and has cared the health of Korean citizens, playing its role of the nation’s central hospital. With 1,600 beds, SNUH provides reliable top-quality medical service to over 7,000 outpatients and about 1,500 inpatients every day. SNUH has also transformed the facility into a digital hospital with new IT (information technology) infrastructures dubbed as “4-LESS (chart-less, slip-less, film-less, and paper-less)” system.

OZ Cosmetic Clinic

OZ Cosmetic Clinic is located in Seoul, South Korea and was established in 1998. Since then, we have performed thousands of successful procedures for more than 18 years.We are very proud of our patients’ high satisfaction rate and their good comments.The hospital can be easily reached by subway, limousine bus, taxi and airport pickup service.

Korea University Anam Hospita

South Korea University Anam Hospital has developed from 400-bed Hyehwa Hospital to be what it is today, about 1000-bed large medical facility. The hospital was relocated to the current place in 1991 and went through many rounds of expansions and additions. In particular, massive renovations and addition of research building which started in 2005 made the place environment-friendly. It does not stop changes and innovations through additions and expansions of its facilities and environment like Intensive Care Units, Emergency Center, Health Promotion Center and facilities for outpatients.

Moonhwa Hospital

Since the opening of our hospital in 1976, our goal has been to serve the members of our community with pride and provide them with the best medical care possible through use of high quality, modern equipment and a dedicated staff with ongoing medical education.With the opening of our new hospital building on May 1, 1999 Good Moonhwa Hospital became a women’s general hospital consisting of 15 clinical departments and 38 medical specialists. Our hospital has high tech, modern equipment to provide our patients with a wider variety of medical services and more specialized treatments.


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