Top Cancer Hospitals in Ottawa, Canada

The Ottawa Hospital is the hub of cancer care in our region, delivering a full range of cancer services, including prevention, screening, diagnosis, surgery and treatment (chemotherapy and radiation), as well as palliative and supportive care. It is also among Canada’s leading sites for clinical trials into the effectiveness of alternative and emerging cancer therapies.

The Ottawa Hospital Foundation. We are among the top five most efficient hospital foundations in Canada*. With administrative costs of 18.5 cents on the dollar, our Foundation was also ranked second in Ontario for fundraising efficiency.                 cancer hospitals

Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre, Cancer Care Ontario Regional – Eastern Ontario, in conjunction with community providers and volunteers. This team approach to care enables clients to receive comprehensive cancer care and co ordinated treatment in or near their own community.The cancer clinic at Renfrew Victoria Hospital offers services of specially trained nurses, pharmacists and family physicians as well as medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and palliative care specialists We are able to offer clinic appointments for conventional follow up visits as well as first assessment visits for both medical and radiation oncology referrals in a multidisciplinary team format.

Civic Hospital

The Ottawa Civic Hospital Breast Cancer Treatment Centre is one of the most modern facilities in the world. The Centre provides state of the art treatment of breast cancer while rendering compassionate and personalized care to patients. Its success is recognized worldwide.

Ottawa General Hospital

The Ottawa General Hospital’s Regional Cancer Centre provides short-term day cancer treatment services, including cancer prevention, cancer assessment, treatment (radiation and chemotherapy), support, follow up and end of life care.The construction included space for chemotherapy beds and a number of specialized MRI rooms. We provided all mechanical services, including heating, cooling, plumbing, medical gas piping, building controls, and fabrication.

Integrative Cancer Centre

Integrative cancer care enhances conventional therapies and bolsters the prevention of recurrence. In addition, integrativeoncology provides systematic strategies to prevent cancer through lifestyle modification, such as nutrition and exercise. Recognizing synergy from a whole systems approach, integrative oncology provides new models for dealing with the epidemic of cancer.


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