Lasik Eye Surgeons in Usa

Lasik Laser Eye Surgeons, Cataract surgery, and Vision Correction surgeons experts are true eye doctor expert surgeons serving their local communities, states, the United States, and International patients. We only list those eye surgeons with exception experience and qualifications for you.

Lasik Eye is a surgical procedure intended to reduce a person’s dependency on glasses or contact lenses. The goal of this Web site is to provide objective information to the public about LASIK Eye surgery. See other sections of this site to learn about what you should know Fbefore surgery, what will happen during the surgery, and what you should expect after surgery.                  Lasik Eye

The Trusted Lasik Eye & Cataract Surgeons Directory who have profiles, have extensive qualifications when compared to other refractive and cataract surgeons. We estimate that many, if not most of the Laser eye surgeons in our eye surgeons Directory with profiles, have professional credentials and exceptional experience and we estimate them to be among the top 1% of LASIK eye surgery, Laser refractive surgeons and cataract doctor in the United States.

Edward E. Manche, MD

Edward E. Manche, MD,is the Director of Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the Stanford Eye Laser Center and Professor of Ophthalmology in the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is a world renowned expert in laser and surgical techniques for vision correction, and has personally performed over 45,000 laser vision correction procedures. He is recognized as one of the top performing laser vision correction surgeons in the United States.

Dr. Hunter

Dr. Hunter is a specialist in LASIK Eye surgery, premium custom cataract surgery, dry eye issues and general eye care. He has performed thousands of eye surgeries, including LASIK Eye, PRK, SBK, ASA, clear lens exchange (or refractive lensectomy), and cataract surgery.If you are seeking an Orlando The Trusted  treatment of LASIK Eye surgery expert you can feel confident that Dr. Hunter can provide you with a complete solution for vision correction. Your first step to achieving excellent vision is to determine candidacy and come into our office for a complimentary evaluation. Because Dr. Hunter is a vision correction specialist he will suggest the refractive procedure that will be best for your long-term vision.

Dr. Moadel, MD

Dr. Moadel has performed over 50,000 laser vision correction procedures including top athletes like New York Yankee center fielder Bernie Williams, and New Jersey Nets superstar Jayson Williams. These super-athletes could have chosen any surgeon in the world to correct their multi-million dollar eyes. After extensive research, they chose Dr. Moadel. Many other surgeons have chosen Dr. Moadel for themselves and their own family members.

Dr. Michelle Akler

Dr. Michelle Akler is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has been proudly providing advanced medical and surgical eye care to the Dearborn, Downriver, and East Side communities of Metropolitan Detroit for over 14 years.A leader in Detroit LASIK Eye vision correction, Dr. Akler has performed over 10,000 LASIK procedures and was named a LaserVision ® Top 5 LASIK surgeon in the USA.


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