Find the best Fertility Centers in Russia

The best facility for the treatment of IVF, Russia is the right destination for it due to the most recent innovation that we are utilizing for the treatment of fruitlessness and we are guaranteeing that after the treatment the youngster will conceived common. On which premise any indented guardian will choose that his facility is the best center for the IVF treatment in India so we arrive to make your occupation simple. There are a few components by which the indented guardian can without much of a stretch judge that it is possible that they ought to visit this center or not. Russian legal statutes governing the use of IVF and other fertility treatments  centers in russia are liberal in comparison with other countries its acceptance of surrogacy makes it a popular destination for couples from all over the world.

Fertility Centers in Russia
Fertility Centers in Russia

Next Generation Clinic

Next Generation Clinic, NGC, was founded in the beginning of 2015 by world famous reproductologist Nikolay Kornilov. The main profiles of the clinic are assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and genetics. the main strength is best qualified professionals in infertility treatment center in Russia.

Locating clinics

If you’re already in touch with a fertility clinic in your town, asking if they have contacts with reputable clinics in Russia is an excellent method to go about finding a good clinic. Getting a list of clinics on the internet, after which researching them individually, is yet another option. Then, there is a limited choice of Russian fertility clinics with American accreditation. Keep in mind that while a good website is unquestionably a sign of professionalism the clinic that provides the best website might not provide the best medical care.

European Medical Center

The European Medical Center (EMC) was founded in 1989. Now it is one of the leading multidisciplinary clinics in Russia, serving more than 250 000 patients a year. EMC provides all types of outpatient, inpatient and emergency care according to the highest international standards. As we have expanded best medical competence, we have maintained the values of EMC’s unique clinical practice formed over the last 25 years. Patient care and service that meet the best international standards have always been and will remain the highest priority.

Nova Clinic

Nova Clinic is really a ISO certified specialist medical center for infertility  treatment and reproductive health, offering IVF, artificial insemination, egg donor programs, and surrogacy services. You will find 10 fertility specialist in the clinic, and complete laboratory facilities.


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