Top 5 Richest Dentists in the World

Dentistry World Over is going through a mixed rough patch. Some areas it is booming and some area it is not. Specially in the urban sectors dentistry is going through a rough patch due to over saturation. But on a world scale dentistry is still in the list of top highest paying jobs. If we though that the senior dentists in the country are earning a lot then just have a look at these dentists from different parts of the world. You will be amazed with the lifestyle they have and the amount of money they earn and spend.

Dr Sylvain Mouraret

Doctor of dental surgery, specialized in the diagnosis and therapy of gum diseases and dental implant. Treatments include: reconstruction of diseases consequences, graft and regeneration of bone or gum tissues as well as implant therapeutics.              Regular dentist visit. Caries cure. Young woman visiting dentist

Dr. Robert E. Hamric

A graduate from dental school starts his practice back 1967 and a successful dental practitioner from Birmingham AL. His net worth is approximate $34 million.

Dr. Herman Ostrow

If you can afford to throw $35 million toward your alma mater, you must be raking in the green. Herman Ostrow, an alumnus and trustee of the University of Southern California, has made just such a donation to USC’s dentistry school – and the school is now named after him. In fact, his donation is believed to be the largest one made to a dentistry school in U.S. history.

Dr. Richard Malouf

A booming dentist and entrepreneur is the founder & owner of All Smiles dental treatments Clinics in all over America. It has almost 100 outlets in the USA. His net worth is in Billions, as he owns two private jets, a million dollar estate, lavish & expensive cars and much more. His net worth is approximate $ 1 Billion.

Dr. Clint Herzog

The Big Man of Texas, Herzog has been hopping around from Austin to Houston, Dallas to Ft. Worth opening up practice after practice since 2007. His Floss Dental clinics boast 11 locations across the state, and he rakes in a hefty $3-5 million annually.


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