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Top 5 Richest Dentists in the World

Dentistry World Over is going through a mixed rough patch. Some areas it is booming and some area it is not. Specially in the urban sectors dentistry is going through a rough patch due to over saturation. But on a world scale dentistry is still in the list of top highest paying jobs. If we though that the senior dentists in the country are earning a lot then just have a look at these dentists from different parts of the world. You will be amazed with the lifestyle they have and the amount of money they earn and spend.

Dr Sylvain Mouraret

Doctor of dental surgery, specialized in the diagnosis and therapy of gum diseases and dental implant. Treatments include: reconstruction of diseases consequences, graft and regeneration of bone or gum tissues as well as implant therapeutics.              Regular dentist visit. Caries cure. Young woman visiting dentist

Dr. Robert E. Hamric

A graduate from dental school starts his practice back 1967 and a successful dental practitioner from Birmingham AL. His net worth is approximate $34 million.

Dr. Herman Ostrow

If you can afford to throw $35 million toward your alma mater, you must be raking in the green. Herman Ostrow, an alumnus and trustee of the University of Southern California, has made just such a donation to USC’s dentistry school – and the school is now named after him. In fact, his donation is believed to be the largest one made to a dentistry school in U.S. history.

Dr. Richard Malouf

A booming dentist and entrepreneur is the founder & owner of All Smiles dental treatments Clinics in all over America. It has almost 100 outlets in the USA. His net worth is in Billions, as he owns two private jets, a million dollar estate, lavish & expensive cars and much more. His net worth is approximate $ 1 Billion.

Dr. Clint Herzog

The Big Man of Texas, Herzog has been hopping around from Austin to Houston, Dallas to Ft. Worth opening up practice after practice since 2007. His Floss Dental clinics boast 11 locations across the state, and he rakes in a hefty $3-5 million annually.


The Best Dental Insurance in California

Dental insurance Plans in California differ primarily in how much you’ll have to pay monthly for your coverage and how much you’ll have to pay when dental services are rendered. Compare California dental insurance plans and select the dental plan designed to meet both your dental care needs and budget.the choose a California dental plan that meets your unique needs. Some plans offer discounts on specific procedures, so if you’re likely to spend money on a filling or an expensive whitening treatment, you can choose a plan that gives you the best discount on the services you need and want.

The High-Quality dental insurance plans in California are backed by some of the biggest names in healthcare Aetna, Cigna and CVS, just to name a few. Just type in your zip code above to see what plans are available in your area. best plans are accepted by over 100,000 dentists in the U.S your dentist is likely to be one of them With a California dental plan, you can make changes whenever you want. We even a have a 30-day, no-hassle refund tooth policy. California dental insurance isn’t as flexible. You could be stuck in your policy until the next enrollment period.                                    Dental Insurance in California

Almost all dental insurance in California directly or indirectly flows through Delta Dental (for example: Anthem Blue Cross offers dental insurance but Delta Dental insurance administers the plan). Insurance only covers medically necessary treatment. If you want cosmetic treatment, insurance will not pay.In California, Delta Dental does not have a waiting period or annual maximum. However, the payment is small. For example: $450 for a crown which is about 50% of the cost.

Dental insurance, for the most part, isn’t covered under ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act). However, children’s dental insurance coverage is a required benefit included on all ACA compliant plans.Although Dental tourism isn’t a required benefit of the Affordable Care Act, it is certainly an important aspect of health and wellness and therefore we thought it would be appropriate to discuss dentistry facts, dental insurance, and how the new healthcare law affects dental coverage.

Seeing your dentist regularly is an important part of maintaining good overall health, but without a dental insurance plan regular visits can be expensive. A basic checkup can easily cost over $100 per person making regular dental care difficult to include as part of your health routine. However, ignoring your dental health now can lead even more expensive dental care later and in extreme cases, other health problem Pacific Blue Cross offers dental only plans for individuals who want affordable dental coverage without purchasing an individual health plan as well as for individuals who don’t have dental coverage through their employer

Dental insurance for seniors is important as seniors tend to have a greater need for dental care than any other age group. Medicare does not offer dental benefits, and seniors pay more out-of-pocket for dental care, whether it be periodontal treatment, for example, or the fitting and repair of dentures.We have both dental insurance plans that are designed exclusively for seniors as well as standard dental plans that provide seniors with the same level of benefits offered to non-seniors.

Affordable Dental Implants Centers in Mexico

The best Dental Implants centers are cutting edge technology for tooth replacement. With a dental implant, a titanium screw is surgically placed into the jaw bone, taking the place of the tooth roots. After the bone has healed and bonded to the implant, a second stage takes place where an abutment, (the upper half of the implant).

The Congratulations for investing time to explore the possibility of a lifetime of savings by establishing a professional relationship with a world class dentist in Mexico. Over the course of reading this article, you will learn that the 50 to 70 percent cost differential between American dental services and Mexican dental services will result to thousands of dollars in savings. All of this is possible while securing the services of a competent, caring and well equipped dentist who is sure to address just about any dental concern you may have.                  dental clinics

Implant Dental Center Tijuana

Implant Dental Center is located in Tijuana, Rosarito, Guadalajara and offers treatments in various dental work. This center is led by respectable Dr. Moreno who attended American College of Prosthodontics in 1986. Following that, she enrolled in Masters Program in Dental Prosthodontics at The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and gained her master degree successfully. Since then she has been the principal of Implant Dental Center in Tijuana, which thanks to Dr. Moreno is one of the rare centers that provides NOBEL BIOCARE (Sweden) implants.

Sam Dental Center

Sam Dental has always been proud of our affordable dental service. You will find that compared to the prices of dentists in mexico , you can expect to save nearly 70% of the cost of dental treatments, by our dentists in Tijuana, Mexico. As proof, take a look at our price list with each service compared to U.S. charges.

Botello Dental Center

Botello Dental Center provides dental care in a pleasant and comfortable environment. From the most complex procedures, including Prosthodontics, Implant Dentistry, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, as well as Sedation Dentistry to Cleanings and Whitening, Botello Dental Center uses the latest technology and techniques to give you the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

Bokanova Dental Center

Bokanova Dental Center in Cuernavaca, ‘The City of Eternal Spring’, is an established dental clinic renowned for its continuous education, innovation and research. Established for 40 years, and with an aesthetically pleasing environment and the reliable experience of an internationally trained team, along with its sister clinic in Playa del Carmen it is one of the top dental clinics in Mexico.All dental treatments at Bokanova Dental Center are carried out to offer our patients consummate care, using only the highest quality materials and adhering to international protocols on sterilization. The clinic building itself has been designed to make the most of natural daylight which aids color matching on dental restorations, and we provide private recovery rooms for patients to receive thermal and laser therapy.

Dr. Alejandro Benitez Dental Clinic

Benitez Dental Clinic, we have the best tooth Specialists in Northern Mexico. Any type of dental procedures of your interest are available at our clinic ranging from dental implants to simple cleanings and extractions. We invite you to compare our clinic based on our quality of work and our excellent patient reviews. We strive to provide excellent patient care and be up to date with technology.

Dental Implant in Los Angeles

Dental Implants Having one or more missing teeth is more than just a minor inconvenience when you eat. It affects your entire life, including how you feel about yourself. Aside from preventing the adjacent teeth from shifting position, it is important to replace those missing teeth to maintain your beautiful smile and make you feel confident and attractive.

Dental bridges and partial or full sets of dentures are no longer the only options for effective replacement of missing teeth. Implant dentistry has revolutionized cosmetic and restorative dental treatment to give patients the ability to permanently replace lost teeth with dental implants. This advanced treatment makes it possible for your replacement teeth to both look and feel natural – almost as if you never lost your original teeth replacement. Dental implants are custom-designed to provide the most accurate fit, and require no other maintenance besides your normal brushing and flossing routines.                            Dental Implant

A dental implant is simply, a titanium post that is placed in the jaw bone, in most cases mimicking the size and location of the patients previous tooth root. The implant is then used as a foundation to attach to a single dental crown. If the patient is missing multiple or even all of their teeth, multiple dental implants can be placed and attached to a bridge, or even in some cases the patients existing denture.

Sargon Dental Implants

Dr.Sargon Lazarof is the inventor of Immediate dental implants, the Sargon Dental Implants does not require the use of bone grafting, and can be placed in as little as one hour in the dental office. Here are just some of the advantages of this implant.The cost of this remarkable dental treatment is comparable to that of a fixed bridge. Sargon Dental Implants can improves the quality of your life during a brief one-hour dental appointment in dental office in Encino, California.

Beverly Hills Dental Implants

Dental implants are a more permanent solution to missing teeth than dentures or bridges. Through implant dentistry at his Los Angeles practice, Dr. David S. Frey can complete a smile that is missing a tooth or two. Dr. Frey is able to do this by replacing the tooth roots with a dental implant that will fuse with the jaw’s natural bone. This process preserves the mouth’s natural structure and allows the implant to become a stable part of the jaw. By providing dental implants Los Angeles patients with options for rebuilding their oral health.

Finest Dental Implants

The Priced Right Dental Implant Center is an affordable and premier dental implant practice in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in high-quality dental implants, abutments, crowns and partial and complete dentures. Our dental specialists restore teeth and create beautiful and healthy smiles. We help individuals who suffer from dental injury, damage or poor oral health.

Most dentists and oral surgeons utilize standard x-rays and free-hand the placement of the implant. While this method can be successful, it is impossible to know the exact dimensions of the bone, and if the implant is being placed in the best position possible. Improper placement of the implant can lead to loss of bone around the implant, premature loss of the implant itself, and an undesirable prosthetic result.

Practicing Dentistry in Cyprus

Cyprus offers the visitor the best of the Mediterranean – day after day of of sunshine throughout the year, beautiful beaches, relaxed lifestyle and excellent cuisine. And because of its long association with the UK, Cyprus is also remarkably familiar to British visitors. English is widely spoken and understood. Small wonder then that this safe and welcoming country is becoming a centre for dental tourism, offering restorative and cosmetic dentistry at competitive prices.

Oroklini Dental Care

Oroklini Dental Care we offer a very relaxing environment with friendly staff as well as a caring Dental Care team that understand that some patients are anxious about treatments.When you walk into our practice, you are the most important person. Our highly qualified and professional team work to create a friendly, caring and relaxed environment, to make your time with us a pleasant and positive experience.                  Practicing Dentistry

Adamantio dental center

Adamantio dental center we can offer the full range of dental services because of our big scientific team, working enthusiastically based on the rules and ethics of dental science. Our members are encouraged to monitor the latest developments in dentistry, which is a continually evolving science. Many times more complicated cases require cooperation of more than one dentist, so we, at Adamantio, are a group of dentists, each of which emphasizes on a certain field of dentistry, cooperating with specialists, such as orthodontists, periodontist and maxillofacial surgeons.

Kyrenia Dental Clinic

Kyrenia Dental Clinic in Cyprus has been providing patients with some of the best dental treatment on the island. With more than a decade of experience practicing cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, Dt. Sevgili has developed a unique approach to patient care.Kyrenia Dental Clinic operates by the philosophy that the quality of dental care is directly related to the most up-to-date medical innovations and technology. For this reason, Dt. Sevgili is committed to offering state-of-the-art dentistry to deliver optimum results for patients.

Nicosia Dental Center

The Nicosia Dental Polyclinic. Our goal is to cover a wide spectrum of dental treatment and prevention based on the highest standards of dental care that exist in Europe and the US. We have created a pleasant and comfortable ambiance in our clinic so that our patients feel at home. We aim to provide quality dental care for everyone who comes to us.

Smallto Dental Clinic

Smalto is a dental clinic in Nicosia Cyprus where dentist Dr Vassilis Vassiloudes specialises in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, teeth whitening, prosthodontics oral surgery. We are based in Cyprus Nicosia… Tooth enamel gives teeth their strength, beauty and color. Smalto gives to artwork a colored and shiny appearance. At Smalto Dental Clinic, we make dental work look and feel like art, as we firmly believe that by the skillful transformation of dental materials.

Dentistry in Kenya For Dental Implants

The Kenya Dental Association is the professional association of Kenyan Dentists committed to the public oral health, ethics, science and professional advancement.The Kenya Dental Association was founded in 1977 with the objective of promoting the advancement of dental practice in Kenya. The Association has also acted as a welfare organ for Dental Practitioners as well as one of the key promoters of Oral health awareness in the country.Get the best Dentist in Kenya. Interact with the Good & top Dentist and obtain comprehensive information about the very best doctors in Kenya.

Mater Dental Hospital’s

The Mater Hospital’s Dental Care Clinic offers a full range of dental services for adults and children. altThese services range from routine dental care to the latest methods in restorative dentistry.The dental unit is manned by highly experienced dental and maxillofacial surgeons who work closely with other specialists at the hospital to provide pre-operative screening for patients with medical conditions that might be affected by their dental health.The use of a Radio Visiography (RVG – which is a digital imaging system) unit by the dental surgeon, enhances dental X-rays for safety and better diagnosis of the patient.                                                best Dentistry

Karen Dental Hospital

The Karen Hospital Dental Clinic is a practice that offers quality dental care and preventive education at reasonable prices with convenient hours. Our Dr’s have years of experience, and formal education with a record of proven success and determination.It is a comfortable, relaxing clinic that provides you with the highest level of dental treatment available in a caring and comfortable environment.

M P Shah Hospital

M P Shah Hospital is a 86 bed hospital located in Westlands/Parklands area Nairobi, Kenya. It is consistently ranked among the best Hospitals in Kenya and a preferential Hospital for nursing care for many. We are committed to providing easily accessible, affordable and available Healthcare which surpasses patient’s expectations. Plymouth Dental Centre We have state of the art equipment and facilities which are operated by qualified doctors, nurses and support staff. Some of the services provided by us include Outpatient, Inpatient, Pathology/Laboratory Medicine, Radiology, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Specialty clinics.

Mothersmile dental care

Mothersmile dental care is an established family clinic providing general and specialized high quality dental care to infants, children, adolescents and adults in Nairobi –Kenya since 1999. We provide a wide range of procedures in modern dentistry.The practice is duly registered and the dental practitioners hold up to date registration with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board. We are insured and our insurance includes a public liability policy. Our medical indemnity cover is always up to date. All our dental practitioners are active members of the Kenya Dental Association and in addition, the three specialists also undertake teaching at the University of Nairobi.

Diani Beach Hospital

Diani Beach Hospital was established in the year 1997 by Dr. K. S. Rekhi. Dr. Rekhi started off his medical practice in Diani in a clinic and soon realized the urgent need for a hospital in the region. Prior to the establishment of Diani Beach Hospital patients often had to drive to Mombasa, a good 35 Kilometers away for needs that could not be met by the existing facilities. Over the past 16 years Diani Beach Hospital has not only established itself firmly but also remains the finest and most experienced private hospital in the South Coast of Kenya and a leading private hospital in Kenya.

Dental Care Hospital in Cyprus

There are a number of private clinics and hospitals in North Cyprus as well as state run surgeries and emergency medical facilities; there are also care homes and a wide choice or well equipped dentist surgeries and opticians. Furthermore the cost of receiving medical treatment in Northern Cyprus is far from exorbitant.

The treatment people have received in North Cyprus for every complaint from a seriously fractured elbow to cancer, car crash injuries to emergency dental treatment has been as good as ‘back home’, in some cases better, always far cheaper than expected and of a very high standard with excellent equipment used and qualified staff always available.                                            Dental Care

Nicosia hospitals

Amazing weather, beaches, historic sites and other tourist amenities make Nicosia an ideal location to have medical procedures performed. Several Nicosia hospitals and clinics are highly regarded, helping to propel this island into the growing pantheon of medical tourism destinations.There are more than 15 established hospitals and private clinics in Nicosia that handle dental  clinic and eye care, cosmetic surgery and medical surgery. Local doctors and nurses speak good English and have been trained at an international level of expertise. In general, the quality of health care and the facilities here are very good.

Kyrenia Dental Clinic

Established in 2008, Kyrenia Dental Clinic in Cyprus has been providing patients with some of the best dental care on the island. With more than a decade of experience practicing cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, Dt. Sevgili has developed a unique approach to patient care.Kyrenia Dental Clinic operates by the philosophy that the quality of dental care is directly related to the most up-to-date medical innovations and technology. For this reason, Dt. Sevgili is committed to offering state-of-the-art dentistry to deliver optimum results for patients.

Private hospitals

Both state-funded and private hospitals are located in all of Cyprus’s major cities, while smaller towns and villages tend to have clinics or private practitioners. At the same time, healthcare facilities in the south of Cyprus are generally considered to be better than those in the Turkish-occupied north of the island.

Aretaeio Hospital

The Aretaeio hospital is located on Andreas Avraamides Street in Dasoupoli, Nicosia, and is within easy access of all areas in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca. A private hospital, opened in 2006 by 42 shareholder doctors as the only hospital in Cyprus built and equipped according to European Union standards, we aim to provide our patients from Cyprus and abroad complete medical care in the way of diagnostic, therapeutic, medical and surgical services in our modern facilities.

Iasis Hospital

Iasis Hospital is the brainchild of like-minded group of Doctors, Engineers and Entrepreneurs, experts in their own field who ventured out to offer world class healthcare infrastructure in North Mumbai. IASIS Hospital is a private, tertiary care and the first hospital with a boutique concept in Northern Mumbai. Being the first purpose built hospital in the Vasai-Virar region, IASIS Hospital is sha.