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Top 5 Cancer Treatment Hospital in Canada

The best cancer treatment centers, clinics, and hospitals in Canada.Take a look at complete details of well approved cancer treatment hospitals, cancer institute’s and cancer treatment centers in Canada.the best Cancer Centre, which provides tailored care to thousands of patients. The cancer hospital is the largest in the country and features expanded areas for specialized clinics, integrated research and clinical trials.

Canada has some of the best cancer treatment survival rates in the world, and doctors are pointing to best much-maligned public health care system as the reason.In a report on worldwide cancer  survival rates, Canada ranked near the top of the 31 countries studied with an estimate five year survival rate of 82.5 per cent.                   Cancer Hospital

Princess Margaret Hospital

The Princess Margaret Hospital is the MD Anderson of Canada: the best in cancer therapy care. A close friend was referred to The Princess Margaret by North York General Hospital, because preliminary results indicated some trouble. Further sophisticated testing at the Princess Margaret was able to shed more light on cancerous cells in other parts of the body as well. Having visited both North York General and Princess Margaret, the difference between the two couldn’t be more stark.

Alberta Children’s Hospital

The Alberta Children’s Hospital and University of Calgary are working to find new cures and provide better care for children and families fighting cancer  treatment. We can create new hope for those children whose cancers evade treatment and those who suffer the significant side effects of current treatments. This unprecedented collaboration between child health specialists will turn research into action and undoubtedly propel forward pediatric cancer expertise in Calgary.

Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital Cancer treatment Centre is the second-largest cancer services provider in Ontario and among the top five in Canada. It is a fully integrated outpatient for specialized clinic of The Ottawa Hospital, where 80% of all cancer surgeries in Eastern Ontario are performed. In fact, more than half of all patients at The Ottawa Hospital are being treated for cancer and cancer follow up.

Juravinski Hospital

The Juravinski Hospital began as the Mount Hamilton Hospital in 1917, serving the veterans of the first war and opened as the Henderson General Hospital in 1954 as a 322 bed hospital serving chronic and convalescent patients.Through the years, the Juravinski Hospital has become an integral part of the mountain community as the region’s centre of excellence for cancer treatment and orthopedic care and a full service general hospital.