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Top 5 Plastic Surgery Hospital in Dubai

Plastic surgery is the surgical method of correcting or restoring body parts and their functions. The word plastic comes from the Greek word plastikos, which means ‘to mold’. This surgery also involves molding or shaping the body features and parts either for enhancing the appearance of an individual or for restoring a deformed body part and its functions. Accordingly plastic surgery is categorized into two main fields, cosmetic surgery for enhancing looks and beauty, and reconstructive plastic surgery, which is carried out for the purpose of restoration of damaged body parts.

Mediclinic Welcare Hospital

Mediclinic Welcare Hospital was the first private Hospital in Dubai to receive the prestigious Dubai Quality Appreciation Award and the ISO 9001:2000 certification. The hospital also received the Joint Commission International Accreditation, which is the most widely accepted hospital accreditation award. We offer patients the best quality medical care and services by investing in the latest state-of-the-art technology, keeping abreast of ongoing research and developments in the medical field, building trust with the customers and analysing the needs of the communities we serve.        Plastic Surgery Hospital

Saudi German Hospital

Saudi German Hospital Dubai part of the biggest private hospitals groups in the Middle East. SGH-Dubai started in March 2012, being the 6th tertiary care hospital in SGH Group and since then, the hospital succeeded to prove itself as one of the major tertiary care hospitals in Dubai and UAE. With 316 beds, SGH Dubai offers wide Range of medical services including all kinds of specialties, sub-specialties and critical cares, with highest international standards.

Private Clinic

The Manchester Clinic MedSpa, we believe in giving people the opportunity to enhance their appearance and their lives through plastic surgery. the plastic surgeon, Dr Ricardo Ferla and staff at the Jumeirah Beach Road Clinic in Dubai, are devoted to giving patients the treatment and results that they are searching for. Whether you want to rejuvenate your facial features or to accentuate the curves of your body, we can help.

Al Garhoud Private Hospital

Al Garhoud Private Hospital, (GPH) located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a place of care, excellence in medical services and exclusive hospitality. Since the inception in 2012, we have been continuously committed to providing the highest quality of patient care in a compassionate and professional atmosphere. GPH was awarded by the JCI Accreditation on February 28, 2013, which is less than 1 year after the opening of the hospital.

Wellbeing Medical Center

Wellbeing Medical Center is not only a top destination in Dubai for plastic surgery procedures. Medical tourists can find numerous areas of medicine practiced by top doctors here, from chiropractors to pediatricians.


Best Plastic Surgery Hospital in Seoul

A prominent plastic surgery clinic in Seoul’s affluent Gangnam district has been issued a fine for displaying a decorative tower made of jaw and chin bones that were removed from patients during facial contouring procedures.

South Korea has an impressive medical system and boasts one of the world’s leading treatments not only for liposuction, breast contouring, two jaw-, nose- and eye-plastic surgery all related to the cosmetic surgery field, but it’s also leading in treatment rates for stomach-, liver- and cervical cancer.Including dental, dermatology, oriental medicine and other types of clinics, Seoul has approximately 15,900 World Class quality clinics and hospitals!                     Plastic Surgery

University Hospital

National University Hospital was founded in 1946. Between 1960 and 1970, the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Plastic Surgery were separated from our department. In 1978, the Division of Pediatric Surgery was established.In recent years, surgeries have become so specialized and extended that the Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Division of Colorectal Surgery, Division of Breast and Endocrine Plastic Surgery.

Daegu Catholic Center

Daegu Catholic University Medical Center is well-acknowledged in Korea, with stable patient inflow. Liver transplant was initially thought to be available only in selective university hospitals centered on Seoul; however, Daegu Catholic University Medical Center is currently a very competitive hospital in the area of liver transplant with excellent medical staff and the passion for liver transplant. To assess whether the donor can donate liver, a health screening (abdominal CT and ultrasound, blood tests.

Good Moonhwa Hospital

Good Moonhwa Hospital became a women’s general hospital consisting of 15 clinical departments and 38 medical specialists. Our hospital has high tech, modern equipment to provide our patients with a wider variety of medical services and more specialized treatments. We established a general medical examination center in 2001 and in 2004 opened the departments of orthopedics, plastic surgery and colorectal & proctological surgery.

Ansan Hospital

Korea University Ansan Hospital contributes to the promotion of national health through quality medical examination, creative research and fostering of medical professionals. With the philosophy of Health and Love for People, the Hospital opened in April 15, 1985. Since then, it has provided truly patient-oriented medical services, backed by advanced medical infrastructure such as experienced medical faculty, MIS, PACS, and PET-CT.