Practicing Dentistry in Cyprus

Cyprus offers the visitor the best of the Mediterranean – day after day of of sunshine throughout the year, beautiful beaches, relaxed lifestyle and excellent cuisine. And because of its long association with the UK, Cyprus is also remarkably familiar to British visitors. English is widely spoken and understood. Small wonder then that this safe and welcoming country is becoming a centre for dental tourism, offering restorative and cosmetic dentistry at competitive prices.

Oroklini Dental Care

Oroklini Dental Care we offer a very relaxing environment with friendly staff as well as a caring Dental Care team that understand that some patients are anxious about treatments.When you walk into our practice, you are the most important person. Our highly qualified and professional team work to create a friendly, caring and relaxed environment, to make your time with us a pleasant and positive experience.                  Practicing Dentistry

Adamantio dental center

Adamantio dental center we can offer the full range of dental services because of our big scientific team, working enthusiastically based on the rules and ethics of dental science. Our members are encouraged to monitor the latest developments in dentistry, which is a continually evolving science. Many times more complicated cases require cooperation of more than one dentist, so we, at Adamantio, are a group of dentists, each of which emphasizes on a certain field of dentistry, cooperating with specialists, such as orthodontists, periodontist and maxillofacial surgeons.

Kyrenia Dental Clinic

Kyrenia Dental Clinic in Cyprus has been providing patients with some of the best dental treatment on the island. With more than a decade of experience practicing cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, Dt. Sevgili has developed a unique approach to patient care.Kyrenia Dental Clinic operates by the philosophy that the quality of dental care is directly related to the most up-to-date medical innovations and technology. For this reason, Dt. Sevgili is committed to offering state-of-the-art dentistry to deliver optimum results for patients.

Nicosia Dental Center

The Nicosia Dental Polyclinic. Our goal is to cover a wide spectrum of dental treatment and prevention based on the highest standards of dental care that exist in Europe and the US. We have created a pleasant and comfortable ambiance in our clinic so that our patients feel at home. We aim to provide quality dental care for everyone who comes to us.

Smallto Dental Clinic

Smalto is a dental clinic in Nicosia Cyprus where dentist Dr Vassilis Vassiloudes specialises in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, teeth whitening, prosthodontics oral surgery. We are based in Cyprus Nicosia… Tooth enamel gives teeth their strength, beauty and color. Smalto gives to artwork a colored and shiny appearance. At Smalto Dental Clinic, we make dental work look and feel like art, as we firmly believe that by the skillful transformation of dental materials.


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